Boca Button Company Custom Orders

Sizes Available: (round pins)

Three-quarter inch (.75")
One and a half inch (1.5")
Two and a quarter inch (2.25")
Three inches (3.0")
Three and a half inches (3.5")

Sizes Available: (specialty pins)

Oval - 1.5" X 2.75" -  (please email for pricing)
Rectangular - 2.5" X 3.5" 
(please email for pricing)
Rectangular - 1.5" X 2.75"  (please email for pricing)
Square - 1.5" X 1.5"  (please email for pricing)


Complete CMYK colors (basically all colors can be dupicated)

Artwork & Setup:

If you have "usable" formats and sizes there are NO setup charges
Formats include: BMP,CPT,TIFF,PDF,EFT, all
sized vector formats

(if you do not have usable artwork we can reproduce most items
at a reasonable cost - proofs are available)

Lead Time:

95% of items are finished in three business days
Due to press commitments we will need two weeks for 1,000 & up orders

Custom Button Costs:

  • Exact pricing cannot be determined until we receive your artwork
    sized artwork is listed above under "artwork"

  • Please email artwork to:

  • Starting Prices for each size are:
    • .75" $ .90 each (5 pin minimum)
    • 1.50" $ 1.00 each (5 pin minimum)
    • 2.25" $ 1.25 each (5 pin minimum)
    • 3.00" $2.00 each (5 pin minimum)
    • 3.50" $2.50 each (5 pin minimum)

    There are pice point breaks at:
    • 20 pcs
    • 50 pcs
    • 100 pcs
    • 200 pcs
    • 500 pcs
    • 1,000 pcs

    • Please email for quotes over 1,000 -
    Contact for quote

Payment & Shipping:

All orders are to be pre-paid in U.S. funds before production begins
Shipping is
not included in pricing - Your quote wil show USPS ship costs

There are no refunds for custom items
so please ask any and all questions

Thank you,


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Custom Buttons Custom pins can be made usually within three
business days

Ther are no set-up charges if you have your own (usable) vector artwork.


Contact Us We answer emails immediately at:
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or send us a note!

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State: Boca Raton, FL  33488
Phone: (772) 349-1364